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Zombie Cheerleader - Playstation

Here's an old image I created in 2008 for Disruptive Publishers. It is only one of three from a dashboard set for the Playstation 3 (also available on the PS4). DP wanted me to make the girls, from my theme, with skimpy and very revealing outfits. I refused for I wanted to depict the 'Gamer Girlz' in a respectable light. Not make them sex objects. DP screwed me and a number of fellow artists. Thus I no longer earn any income from sales of the theme. And yes I'm still bitter about it. For it is STILL up for sale. >:( I've uploaded the original 8000x4501 pixel image to ArtStation. So feel free to download it. Just don't try marketing it in any form. Thanks

Anywho, this was created back when I had to ink and color with a ball mouse. The original concept for this character was complete garbage. So glad The Lord put this version in my mind. It's been eight years. Maybe I should redraw her.

Richard t white jr zombiecheerleader 8000x4501 by richardtwhitejr