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Throwback Tuesday -01

Random collection of old 2D art I created over the years. Each with a description.
Placing this project under "Traditional 2D" because the majority of the images are pencil sketches.

Sespider productions olddieno 20 maxx

I can not remember when I made this. It was way back in my Renderosity days.

It was the start of a video game idea I had back then. Where a kid gets sucked into his gaming console, while shilling in his room. A AI orb becomes his first companion.

Sespider productions olddieno 15

In October of 1999, I was a big fan of J. Scott Campell's Danger Girls comic and his art. And I clearly had little knowledge of anatomy at the time.

Sespider productions fight pencils one by sespider dzw8i2

Early sketch work from a Playstation theme I created for Sony back in 2008. The theme may still be available. It's called "Gamer Girlz" Consist of 3 different girls from different gaming genres. All in full color. Pencil sketch 2007

Sespider productions pisces by sespider d1sal80

I was born near the end February and therefore a pisces. With I find ironic due to my inability to float, let alone swim. 2008

Sespider productions halloween spirit pencils by sespider

Old halloween sketch that I never got around to completing. Clear anatomy issues with this one.

Sespider productions supergirl 2010 by sespider d32kyet

Random pencil sketch of Supergirl. Nothing great. 2010

Sespider productions skin adventure inked by sespider d4tn1pp

A favorite character I created long ago. Meant to be part of a children's book that I (as usual) never got around to making. Nicknamed "SKIN" by the animals he interacts with, he has blue shorts, green hair and green eyes. Ten years old. 2012

Sespider productions flex avatar by sespider d5bb2lm

The result of boredom. Random shape becomes Max The Nudest. Pencil to digital ink and coloring with a mouse and Photoshop's Pen Tool

Sespider productions kristasketch by sespider fullsize

A sketch I made of a waitress I meet back in 2013. I drew it by memory the night I met her. Needless to say, she left and impact on me. lol Shame I screwed up her eyes.
One of my earliest digital sketches

Sespider productions pirategal concept by sespider d7f2buu

Digital Concept sketch I made for a possible pirate themed T-shirt. I screwed up on the legs and never touched it again. 2014

Sespider productions doodletestanimation by sespider d64x8om

Another Boredom project. Trying my hand at simple digital key-frame animation. Subject is a character of mine named "SKIN".
This is a GIF. So I apologize if it doesn't animate. 2013