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Throwback Tuesday - 03

Back when I was just starting to learn Blender, I was commissioned to help design a public basketball park. The park was spear headed by a talented local basketball athlete, Joe Brightwell. Mr. Brightwell leads and teaches many youth the ways of healthy living and activities. However; if the inner-city kids couldn't reach his gym, how are they to learn? This park was meant to give children a fun and safe place to play and learn.

Sadly, the city turned Brightwell's project down. East Carolina University bought the desire plot and surrounding land from under us. They have been snatching up land left and right and now own the majority of the city. The land? Converted to un-needed buildings and parking garages for the college.

Here is a simple video of the simple 3D model. NOTE: At the time, I knew very little about how to work in Blender.

Joe Brightwell has since started his own "hands on" sport academy.

The project

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