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Free Photo Collection

With this photo, I'm announcing a series of free for public use photographs.
All photos will be taken and processed by yours truly.
Processed images simply means they have been color corrected and/or cropped for use.
However; this particular photo has not been touched at all. It's a beautiful shot that God provided. And now I am providing it (among others) to you all for use in your projects. Once they are approved, these images will be accessible via my PixaBay account. All I ask is credit for my work and a link back to my website. Feel free to edit the image(s) as you need.
My PixaBay account can be found at:

Don't worry. The collection will not be limited to flags nor Christian imagery. Abandoned structures, graves, and texture images will be included. I also plan to include stock footage as well.

Richard t white jr usa christian flag 380

Taken in Salemburg, NC

Richard t white jr lawnweeds 1487

Taken in Tarboro, NC

Richard t white jr img 1016

Taken in Grimesland, NC

Richard t white jr brickwall 1136

Brick Wall. May be useful for 3D textures. Photo taken from side of abandoned White Oak Church in Grimesland NC