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Woman Progress 1998-2014

An on-going project of mine.
Since 1998, I've redrawn the same original character every two years to see where I was in comparison to where I am. Over the years, I've misplaced the first two. And I forgot to create one in 2016. Something I'll have to fix this year. The goal I set for myself was to not look at the previous year versions as I work on the new one. This way, each is different and based on that year's influences. With 2006, I clearly broke that rule. lol

The last one (2014) was the first time drawing her digitally. You can find the videos on my YouTube channel.

Richard t white jr womanprogress by sespider d8gukh8


Girlie Speed Art-Part1 (Blocking)

Girlie Speed Art Part 2 (Lines)