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#BestCarcass - Sparrow in a Abandoned House

I was exploring a abandoned two-story house in Grimesland, NC, a few months back.
The house was clearly once used as a makeshift refuge for the sick or homeless. It reminded me of my great grandmother's old house in Tarboro, NC.
Upon reaching the top floor, I found it nearly empty. I was about to head back downstairs when the light from this window called to me. I turned to it in hopes of seeing some beautiful rays of dust, to photograph. Only to find this poor bird's carcass laying in the empty space on the floor. The house had one broken window, in the first floor's kitchen. While there, a sparrow kept flying in and out of it. This poor sparrow must have decided to explore the house, only to get trapped. There is no telling how many times it banged against this window, despite to be free from it's self-made prison. This poor bird either starved to deaf, died of exhaustion, or froze during Winter. There's no clear signs of how it passed away. Lo for the sheer fact it wanted freedom

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Freedom Mere Feet Away