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New Personal Logo - WIP

This is still very much a Work In Progress.
It's time for a updated logo to represent the SEspider brand. Although I still very much like my current logo, it just doesn't hold up over time. Nothing about it identifies it as a SEspider brand. I'm now attempting to create a more modern logo that has a chance to last.

The design itself is the "SE" in "SEspider". Although I love the boldness and simplicity of the shapes, the "S" doesn't exactly show through enough. I've gone through a fair number of different versions, and I believe I know which one I want to settle on. But I'll like some feedback before I lock myself into it. As I said, this is a personal project, so I'm trying to not put too much time into the design side.

Once I have the primary element of the logo down, I'll go into the "spider" element. And adjust it to match the main element. Feedback is a must in this. I'm simply too close to this project to truly criticize it.

Richard t white jr sespider logo concepts 2017 a k samples

Logo Progress.
From current/old to new.
Trying to hammer in the primary element of the "SE".

Richard t white jr untitled2

Simple 3D test

Richard t white jr 7 awesome 3d text mockup

Official logo and logo text test
Created in 2D w/in Photoshop. Here I'm testing the new text font, I'm developing.
I did not create the PSD file. I simply manipulated it some.