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Joras Tech Logo

A local company was in dire need of a new logo. The artist, that made their last logo, used only clip art and very generic font. Sadly, the company has been stuck with it for the last tenor so years. The original "designer" did not provide any source files and left them with a JPEG.
The company has helped me out more then I can say. So this was a pretty cheap job. What you see is a small sample of the progress of the logo, the final version (in gold), and a simple polo mock-up. EDIT: A screen cap has been added to show the Golden Ration being applied to a more final form of the design.

Richard t white jr goldenrationapplied

Applying the Golden Ration to the form and updating the design.

Richard t white jr goldonleathersample2

Please Note: This is not the final form of the logo

Richard t white jr logo progresssample

Partial Progress screenshot of the logo's creation. Golden Ration not applied here as this is the brainstorming session.
Thanks go to Will Paterson for introducing me to using Artboards to speed up my creation process.

Richard t white jr polosample 1e

Early color mock-up for clothing and logo.